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Who is your ideal client?

What blogs, videos, lead magnets, etc you should create to attract and convert your ideal client?

Get to know your ideal client?

What targeting options you should use and which ad platforms should you buy traffic from?

What are the pain points?

What compels your ideal client, describe offers in your email marketing, ads and sales letters so they buy?

Who is not your ideal client?

Get clear on the clients characteristics, and present them with a message that moves them into action!


See the impact on every aspect of your marketing and sales process through this simple worksheet. Focusing on solving a specific problem for my clients. I know now their gender, pain, struggles and even their favourite social media platforms. A must have!


Emily Armstrong
Founder The Pencil Room

Get the worksheet that will tell you EXACTLY who your ideal client is!

Know who you’re selling to and WHY!

I'm Greet Recoulès

I am obsessed with personal branding, and I'm every business owner’s biggest secret weapon!

For over three years I had what we could call a “floundering coaching business.” You know the one, where you only have two customers a month, and one of them doesn't even pay for your coaching.

I'm a brand strategist and visionary and love to help people and have a passion for mentoring and coaching. But I could not get my head around... MARKETING.  

I was too close to my product and service to see how I could make a real difference in my customer's lives.

I was terrified and couldn't figure out how to put myself out there too and "sell" my service. I was earning $250 a month and had to top this up with 30h of Uber driving a week, all to get some extra money.

You know I always worked in advertising agencies as creative director and did my magic with fortune 500 companies, but I never had to do the real hard sell. I never had to look for customers.

But what frustrated me the most was the fact that I could make such a difference in peoples lives and put the magic back into their business, but I wasn't doing it! 

And I realised it was all because of my fear of failure and rejection.

My wake up call came when I saw a childhood friend,  who had just lost her business, her money, her house and carried a massive debt. She was so anxious about the future.  

It was in that moment that I realised I could save her from all of this.


Through helping her find her ideal clients, and create a product and services that they needed and were willing to pay top dollar for, she was back in her zone of genius, and her authentic personal brand stood out from all her competitors. 

From that moment... my business took off. 

I want you to experience the same magic as a brand that gets noticed!

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Finally, Get Clear on WHO You Are Selling To!

Fill in this proven worksheet to determine who your ideal client is. So you know where they are and what they will buy.